Our goal when managing social media for clients is to put their best foot forward. What exactly does his entail and what is some of the work involved? When a social media post leaves a clients account courtesy of Strictly Social it is presented in a way that shows the client cares about the audience. Strictly Social has a background working with audiences in radio, theatre and music; caring about your audience builds your audience. Conversely insulting your audience will erode your audience and many companies simply are not paying attention to their audience.

An irrritant we see more often then we care to share, is posting from one social platform to populate other platforms.  You have all seen a post that starts with content and then seems to awkwardly end followed by a link to Facebook or Instagram from a Twitter post.


Here are two examples that appeared without really having to look for them on Twitter.

One of the tweets is from an interior design firm, instead of a link to Instagram, they could repost the gallery in the tweet. For the performance venue why have a link to a Facebook page when it could be to the ticketing outlet? A few more seconds work and they are not an example in this post.

Statistics on who actually follows the link is even lower then you would expect. Core Twitter users will not follow the link and leave the platform. Those links are like a story that is “to be continued” but being social media people would rather continue to a new tweet that wait for the next cliffhanger ending if there is one.

You are dealing with short attention spans on all forms of social media.  So asking them to invest more time to leave for another platform is a stretch.  Take the extra moment to post information from all of platforms viable to your brand it will grow the platform and increase its value for your brand.

There are also social media management tools that will clean this up for a brand.  What this means is you can post from one source and make it look clean on the other platforms.  Post from one platform and look great on all of the others.  After all it is all about appearance and a few moments can make an impression for a brand’s lifetime.