Tweet Today, Gone Tomorrow

It started with a tweet about a bull that had escaped Agribition and was running the streets of Regina. It was the Tuesday of one of the largest agriculture expos in Canada and very early in the shelf life of this massive show that overtakes everything in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The bull whose name was never publicly released went for a jog along Dewdney Avenue followed quickly by several volunteers, the city police and the local media. He must have decided his normal morning exercise at this agriculture show was not enough so a sprint was in order. During this sprint he made a quick dash across one of Regina’s busiest commuter interchanges during the peak of rush hour.

Eventually the cow was recaptured…

Not long after recapture though this bovine appeared on twitter under the title of @YQR Bovine.  Using the original tweet form Pat McGillicky it started posting reaction and interaction to grow the account.

This is not a new phenomenon and can actually be quite enjoyable.  When first seeing the account though one thing popped to mind

“you’ll be gone tomorrow
you’ll be gone tomorrow
gone tomorrow”

which are lyrics from the Extreme song “Hip Today” from a late ’90s album called Waiting For the Punchline.

This is not the first Twitter parody account to pop up, but it is in the category of disappearing faster then it appeared. It is rare to get traction with a social media account like this.  All told the cow lasted four days gained 49 followers but never really caught on through 61 tweets and disappeared November 26, for good?  We can’t be sure of that just yet.

One of the first accounts similar to the @ReginaRogueCow was @NHLPodium, which in it’s short two day existence arrived at over 8000 followers with only 16 tweets in 2012. Interestingly though it also spawned two more accounts that parodied IT…  NHL Podium arrived during the final days of the NHL lockout and was the perfect vehicle to mock the media, league, players and circumstances for everyone to be paying so close attention to a lectern.

Another Twitter parody account was Bronx Zoo’s Cobra or @BronxZoosCobra it joined twitter to regale followers with the escapades of a 20″ 3 ounce venomous snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo.  Having six days of freedom the account had a little more time to work then the lectern or cow and gained a massive following in the process.  Started when the snake escaped in 2011 unlike the @NHLpodium and @ReginaRogueCow the @BronxZoosCobra is still active today and has over 162,000 followers.  At it’s peak the account had over 200,000 followers.

Interestingly the cobra commented on a @Time tweet about a snake a state or two away from it that had escaped and also appeared on Twitter. This reptile, @WessieThon never gained the same traction that Bronx Zoo’s Cobra has, it is however very active with the 1865 followers it has gained by tweeting 1912 times. Regardless for the region it likely draws attention whenever it tweets.  The real life snake having first been spotted in June, has never been captured but has been spotted regularly.  It even had recent media attention that with the colder weather was likely dead, contrary to claims by the Twitter account.

There are many accounts similar to the cow, the snake(s) and official podiums.  Most of the accounts like the song lyrics are hip today and gone tomorrow.